Projectus Valentine’s Day British Heart Foundation Exercise Challenge

14 February 2016


We’re celebrating the cardiology technology industry in the month of hearts and love this February.

David Ebanks our Orthopaedics Business Manager and phenomenon that is an actual Commonwealth Games Swimmer and bronze medal Essex Championships competitor (pictured below on the podium on the left last weekend) challenged Projectus to an exercise challenge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation last week.

david ebanks swimming

Need-less to say we accepted the challenge and brought our kits in on Friday. David had the business donate money for every push-up from every man and for every second during (an excruciating) wall sit count for the girls!

projectus excercise 1

The event was a success and produced much blood, sweat and tears as well as some quality pictures along the way.

projectus excercise 2

After much limbering and warm ups (terribly demonstrated by me on the right above) Jack Marskell our Resource Analyst completed the most push-ups with a whopping 73 push-ups and Jessica Vocella, our Southern European Specialist (pictured above in the grey sports top) won the girls wall sit competition with an impressive 1 minute 50 seconds wall squat.

Together we raised £148 for the British Heart Foundation and we were delighted to pay in the cheque today. With cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounting for over a quarter of all deaths in the UK it's a vital area of study. The emerging technology our industry produces in this field is simply remarkable.

projectus excercise 4

I'll leave you with our Senior Orthopaedic Consultant Simon Broadway and Resource Analyst Tolani Ogunlaiye giving it that last push for vital cause.

Nicola Lawler, Marketing and Operations Executive, Projectus Consulting.