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New Year’s Career Resolution? Why You Cannot Give Up Now and How.


New Year’s Career Resolution? Why You Cannot Give Up Now and How.

2016 is well underway and efforts on New Year’s resolutions are beginning to run thin. A new career move is one of the most popular resolutions of choice and this year it’s got to be the most timely. The top job boards reported a record number of new vacancies opened across the market.  Take advantage of the surplus before it declines. Remember, the more vacancies there are the more likely you are to fill one.

It’s mid-January; the record number of vacancies are still going strong and your competition are likely to have slowed  on their New Year’s resolution of  ‘promised change.’ More vacancies and less competition? Take advantage now.

Finally, your new colleagues are in the mood for change.  A new starter at the beginning of the year is likely to be made even more welcome by colleagues in the mood for a shake up and the fresh dynamic a new starter will bring. Start now and get spoilt rotten while your new colleagues are feeling refreshed and geared to go.

Don’t give up on a career change and here’s how:

1. Get Inspired.

Inspiration usually comes from our peers or ‘mentors’ who have achieved what we perceive to be our end goal or who already have what we want next. A change? A promotion?  Think of someone who is doing a job or made the change you’d like for yourself and concentrate on that. Use that thought to sharpen your focus.

2. Get excited.

Visualise the outcome of your efforts. Higher pay, new location, better corporate benefits or a new car? Visualise how those things will improve your day to day. People tend to focus on the effort of the application process rather than the end result. Focus on why you’re doing it in real terms. Build anticipation around those changes. Anticipation gives you drive and an intolerance for failure so you’ll be far less likely to give up. 

3. Tell others and Get support.

What happens when you tell others you have a goal? You make it public so you’re less likely to give up. Friends support you and you’re more likely to want to prove yourself. Not just to them but to yourself. Especially now everyone else knows!

So what are you waiting for? Get going and make those changes today. If you’d like more career advice within the medical device sector please don’t hesitate to get a career evaluation from our specialist consultants at or call 02038000501 today. 

Tim Lawrie, Managing Director and Founder, Projectus Consulting. 

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