Boolean Searching on Google’s Homepage Picture of the Day

01 November 2015

Recruitment Consultants use Boolean searches amongst others, to find the best talent on the job market. Boolean logic is a system that shows relationships between groups of words. These most commonly include ‘NOT’ ‘AND’ ‘OR.’ It was invented by George Boole in the early- mid 1800’s and is now used for advanced online search engine optimisation.

Google is the most prominent search engine but you can use Boolean to refine searching in most computer programs such as a job board or your company CRM system.

Recruiters use this language tool today online or within their database, to find a direct match in C.V’s and other related documentation. See an example below of a typical Boolean search by our Senior Orthopaedics Consultant Simon Broadway when looking to fill a typical sales role at Territory Manager level within orthopaedics.

(Orthopaedics OR Trauma OR Knee OR Reconstruction OR “Sports Medicine” OR Shoulder OR Extremities OR craniomaxillofacial OR Spine OR Spinal OR Arthroscopy OR “Joint reconstruction” OR “implants Sales”) AND (“Territory Manager” OR “account manager”) AND NOT (“Sales Associate” OR “Sales Director”)

This better allows Simon’s database (CRM,) LinkedIn or google to use word code to find a match. In this case, it will only show C.V’s with ‘Territory Manager’ but not ‘Sales Associate’ or ‘Sales Director’ as he requires people within those levels only.

Tim Lawrie, Founder and Managing Director at Projectus Consulting