The ‘Bio-Pen’ Set to Revolutionise the Orthopaedic Device Industry

19 October 2015

Researchers at the University of Wollongong, Australia, have developed the Bio-Pen. A piece of technology with the end purpose of providing highly accurate orthopaedic surgery with faster surgery & recovery time.

It falls under the category of new 3D printing technology by delivering cell materials as the surgeon ‘draws’ a gel ink to fill the damaged bone section. It uses a low powered ultra-violet light that solidifies the ink during administration. Eventually it builds a '3D scaffold' using materials capable of delivering live cells and growth features directly into the injury.

Once cell materials are ‘drawn’ onto the site, they will multiply & turn into functioning nerves, tissue or a muscle.

The overall benefits include giving surgeons more control over where the materials are deposited & reducing overall surgery time. Clinical trials are in the pipeline by researchers in Australia led by Professor Peter Choong, in Melbourne.

Watch this space!

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