5 Crazy Objects Found in the Human Body

27 October 2015

This has got to be the cream de la crème of medical imaging gossip. A combination of what objects are found in the human body and exactly how they got there must live legendary within hospital walls. Here's a selection amongst a sea of mind boggling accidents across the world. Shockingly, everyone here survived to tell the tale.......

1. Why you should never miss a dentist appointment

Patrick Lawler of Colorado, went to the dentist complaining of a tooth ache. Upon casual inspection, the dentist regretted to inform Mr Lawler that the pain was down to a 4-inch nail going from the roof of his mouth into his skull. A nail gun back fired on him at work into his brain. After managing to convince Partick that the dentist wasn't high on laughing gas himself, he was immediately sent in for surgery where he miraculously survived. I hope he bought a lottery ticket afterward....


2. Proposal fail

When a chap from Mexico planned the typical ‘sitcom’ influenced method of proposing to his girlfriend by putting the ring in her milkshake; she wolfed it down quicker than he could say ‘Will you marry me?’ Here it is sitting pretty in the x-ray. Guess she had to wait a few hours for a less romantic offering of the ring on the toilet. I’d say at the very least, drop it in a clear drink next time! Champagne anyone?

xray ring

3. To infinity and beyond!

I think this kid in America took 'to infinity and beyond' too far when doctors found a Buzz Lightyear toy in his belly. There it is, I think you can just about make out Buzz’s legs!

xray toy

4. Always Coca Cola….

As the adverts go…’Always Coca-Cola…..’ Though I don't think they meant like this. A guy in Asia took his love for Coca-Cola too far when doctors found a bottle of coke in his rectum ( we won't ask). Doctors managed to get it out OK and he miraculously escaped with nothing but minor tears.

xray bottle

5. Why did the Mexican put a pair of scissors though his wife’s head? Tequila!

We’re back in Mexico again…. For this story of Jonas Acevedo Monroy who was set upon by a guy looking for a bar fight. His attacker grew so hostile he reached for a pair of scissors he was carrying and stabbed poor Jonas in the head. As with all the other lucky people in this article, he survived with quite the story to tell and a healthy life to tell it to!

xray bottle

What insane medical stories have you experienced or heard about? We'd love to hear about it!

Nicola Lawler, Projectus Consulting