4 Things Happening in the Orthopaedic Industry Right Now.

19 October 2015

As an Orthopaedic hotshot you’you will need to keep up-to-date with industry news in an increasingly competitive market. So what’s been going on?

1. Orthopaedic Corporate Mergers.
The $14 billion mega merger between Zimmer & Biomet has well settled. It was largely Lima Corporate who gained from this by winning Zimmer’s unicompartmental High Flex knee implant ZUK and Biomet’s Discovery elbow system within the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Cordis, a division of med-tech giant JnJ have been taken over by Cardinal Health.

Tornier & Wright Medical Shareholders finally approved all proposals related to a merger & takeover is well under way.

2. Exciting Future Technologies to Look Out For

The “Smart” Orthopaedic Cast:
orthopaedic cast

Industry designers in Brazil believe they’they have developed cast with wearable technology which mends fractures faster called 'Bones'. It uses sensors to track muscle movement during recovery & sends that data to a live website for Orthopaedic doctors to monitor. Could there be scope for specialists to build on the design for real time patient care?

The InMotion iPad app:
inmotion ipad app

Our friends at Stryker have designed the app to provide orthopaedic professionals with an interactive 3D musculoskeletal model which demonstrates the features & benefits of hip and knee replacement surgeries in fine detail. This could potentially have a positive knock on effect for orthopaedic sales.

The biopen:

3D Printing is huge & the Orthopaedic market is feeling the revolution. Check out the biopen, a handheld 3D printer for surgeons. It works by delivering cell materials as the surgeon ‘draws’ a gel ink to fill the damaged bone section. The end purpose is more accurate orthopaedic surgery with faster surgery & recovery time. For more on this story click here

3. Orthopaedic Job Market Trends & Departmental Changes -Which of YOU are Hot Property Today?
In a nutshell - Clinical Specialists, Account Managers & Senior Commercial Specialists. It seems with mergers & NHS funding cuts, Orthopaedic technology is experiencing a pressured price market particularly within hip & knee and trauma. This means companies are increasingly relying on Clinical Specialists for core support to differentiate company products & capability. The price war also means they’re focusing good account managers to expand accounts & fend competition away from existing accounts. Demand for Senior Commercial Specialists is on the rise to focus on pricing negotiations such as winning business through contracts, tenders and framework agreements.

NHS experience & people well versed in NHS procurement processes are also in demand. With product commoditisation & funding cuts, NHS staff are becoming increasingly savvy to product pricing and therefore implant prices are continually being hit.

4. Using The Legendary Quote from Mick Jagger ‘Ladies & Gentleman, Please Allow Me to Introduce myself.’
I’m David & I'm the orthopaedic industry expert at Projectus Consulting responsible for heading up Orthopaedic appointments in the medical device industry across the UK & Europe. I’m excited to announce my appointment made Recruiter magazine earlier this month in the Medical Industry Movers & Shakers section.

I’ve got a degree in sports science & became an industry expert at Zimmer Biomet & DePuy (Johnson & Johnson.) In my spare time I’m a competitive swimmer and competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at 50m and 100m Breaststroke. You can check out the video of my last race here.

If you’re looking for your next orthopaedic role, I’ve worked in the field at local level myself & am highly qualified to understand and offer guidance about your next move as well as & fully utilising your skills, experience and ambitions.

For hiring managers, my direct industry experience & contacts enables me to identify top talent fast. My network across the industry leaves me well placed to find you a perfect company fit.

And finally…..a little orthopaedic humour before you go..

What questions do you have about the orthopaedic industry? Mergers? Jobs? Technology? I’m here to answer your questions via david@projectusconsulting.com or call me on 0203 8000 511 today.

What questions do you have about the orthopaedic industry? Mergers? Jobs? Technology? I’m here to answer your questions via david@projectusconsulting.com or call me on 0203 8000 511 today.

David Ebanks, Orthopaedics Business Manager at Projectus Consulting