3 Must Reads in the Medical Device Industry Now.

15 October 2015

September ends 3 business quarters into 2015 so what’s come to light the past quarter?

1. Mergers & Gossip
I can’t believe it’s only a few months since the $14 billion mega merger between Zimmer & Biomet. The rippling effect across the industry has taken effect. Projectus saw the effects in the job market with middle management & senior positions take a hit whilst sales rep level jobs remained largely un-affected. Lima Corporate purchased Zimmer’s unicompartmental High Flex knee implant ZUK and Biomet’s Discovery elbow system within the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Smith & Nephew will manage the product in the U.S.. In Orthopaedics? See 'Why the Passion for Orthopaedic Technology?' from myself & our Senior Orthopaedics Consultant, Simon Broadway.

What else?! Tornier & Wright Medical Shareholders finally approved all proposals related to a merger & takeover is well under way.

Cordis, a division of med-tech giant JnJ have been taken over by Cardinal Health.

2. Fascinating Emerging technologies to Look Out For
The speed at which technology has advanced over the past 10 years is beyond comprehension. It’s the Projectus belief (of course) that medical technology is the most fascinating wonder. Latest stories suggest scientists have developed Medical Nanobots capable of traveling round the body via the blood stream & make small repairs. See more on this phenomenal story on our website here. Researchers have designed an imaging chip that could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through the wall, plastic, wood, paper, the body & more. Could this revolutionise & speed up obvious medical imaging diagnosis & first round patient care?

3. Projectus & Medical Technology News
Regulatory Assurance & Quality Affairs is the sector that affects us all! The industry is alight with RAQA reforms in the pipeline since 2008 with a first draft in June and Trialogue discussions within the EU this October. Projectus’s RAQA division has made real headway in the field. Read the full story ‘2015 Regulatory Affairs Reform. A STEP FORWARD?!’ on our website from Senior RAQA Consultant James Powell.

Critical Care is a buzz as ever, but could there be more scope for hospitals to update their contacts (who Projectus place!) with the best talent to provide tech support in an emergency? Our Senior Critical Care Consultant Dani Hamblin explores the idea in her blog “Are Hospitals Equipped for a Large Scale Disaster or Terrorist Attack?”

I was delighted to welcome David Ebanks as Orthopaedic Business Manager in September. An industry expert from Zimmer Biomet & DePuy (Johnson & Johnson,) David will head up Orthopaedic appointments within the medical device industry across the UK & Europe. His warm & anticipated industry welcome made Recruiter Magazine, see his name in lights here.

And finally, an endearing story to remind you why we’re all in medical technology before you go………….

CT scans in children's wards across the world are being decorated into exciting adventures like rockets going in to space to alleviate the anxiety of this experience. Check out this yellow submarine CT scan in Lurie Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago! Pretty sure most adults wouldn't reject the option either to be fair.

CT-Scans children
That’s it in a nutshell from me, what exciting industry stories do you have to share?

Tim Lawrie, Founder & Managing Director, Projectus Consulting