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Summer's Over. It's Time to Get Serious About Your Career


Summer's Over. It's Time to Get Serious About Your Career

Scientists believe they've developed microscopic robots (nanobots) able to collect information on route throughout  the body and even make small repairs.For the full story click here 

Curious about a new opportunity in the medical device industry? Click on our featured jobs to see how we can help you now.​

Radiology Sales Executive  

Regulatory Affairs Officer 

UK Tenders Manager

CT scans in children's wards across the world are being decorated into exciting childhood adventures to alleviate this anxious experience. Check out this yellow submarine CT scan in Lurie Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago! Pretty sure most adults wouldn't reject the option either to be fair! 

Summer Competition  Winner!

Congratulations to Warren Pickup, Sales Rep at Cook Medical who won  a case of wine in our LinkedIn competition this week! ​

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