Time for a new Job?

27 March 2015


What have you learnt in the past week? month? year? You want more money or a better work life balance? How about some international travel? More responsibilities or some management experience? Am I happy?

Time for a new job?

There are several things that become factors, and the first thing to note, is if you do nothing, nothing happens.

I'm certainly not advocating disloyalty to your company, when we talk about career progression, this can be found both internally and externally to your current employer. If you want to change aspects like the expenses policy, company culture, the management style or your MD - then you may need to vote with your feet.

So how do you know when it's the right time?

The first thing that I would add is: how much time/energy have you got to commit to this process? Are you moving house? Getting married/divorced? Having a baby? Has a family member passed away?

Fact is - don't make excuses - but don't be naive as to how much effort and to how stressful the process can be. You've got to be committed and be able to go into this with your head in the right place.

What about your current position? There was a time when you would have killed to get the job you're in now - so what's changed?

Are you still growing? Are you the best that you can possibly be? What more can you learn in this position? Are you happy there? What have you learnt in the last week/month/year? And where will you be this time next year if you stay? What is the next step in your career path? Is this a step that you actually want to take? How are your current employers going to keep you interested/Stimulated until this time?

Have your employers had a good return on investment? (A sign for future employers)

How will this move look on your CV? Does it make logical sense on paper?

All of these are great questions to ask yourself and the advice we give is that providing you are still growing in your current position, providing that you are happy there and you are not emotionally damaging yourself; providing that you are not being financially exploited, You should probably stay where you are.

When growing a seedling you start with a small container. Once it's sprouted it is transferred to a slightly bigger pot where it has room to grow, it is nurtured and taken care of. Once it is strong enough the plant is transferred into a bigger pot and eventually the soil in the ground. It is here that the tree has to weather the storms through good times and bad, rain, sun or Snow the tree is on it's own. An environment that without nurturing, it would have drowned In the soil.

What about you?...Have you grown as tall as you possibly can?